Corporate Social Responsibility

At SbR Copenhagen, we want to offer you leather products of the highest quality. This means that the leather we choose is carefully selected and up to our expectations.

All hides used in our products are from animals that are cared for properly and are allowed to roam in free and open spaces. Furthermore, the animals must not be mistreated in anyway whatsoever. This serves two purposes. The first and most important being that the animals are not abused or mistreated. The second being that the hides from these animals are of outstanding quality. Just as we get marks on our skin for various reasons, so do animals. Hence, animals that are cared for properly will have little or no marks that could later appear on the finished product. Furthermore, since these animals are allowed to roam free in open fields, the have thick healthy hides that produce luscious leather.

We would also like to stress that none of the hides used in our products are expressly farmed for the purpose of leather production.

The tanning process, in which the animal hides are transformed into leather, often has the largest impact on the environment. This is primarily due to the chemicals that are used in the many processes involved. At SbR Copenhagen, we aim to reduce the impact tanning has on our environment. Which is why we avoid the use of harmful chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and can potentially cause irritation to your skin. We also frequently make use of vegetable tanning, which makes use of various vegetable oils to tan the leather. We work in close cooperation with our suppliers who strive to stay at the innovative edge of leather production and develop ways to make leather production as eco-friendly as possible.

Animal hides left over from the food industry decompose. In order to decompose we have to let them sit around in landfills for a number of years until this process completes. Taking these hides and turning them into leather not only reduces the environmental impact the decomposing hides would have, but it also creates a jacket that can be worn and passed down for generations.

Fair-trade and ethical treatment of the work force are deeply embedded into the SbR Copenhagen philosophy. We care immensely about where are products come from and who they are made by. It is essential for us that there is absolutely no child labor in any way and that the workers are paid fairly for the work they do. Because of these reasons, we spend a lot of time and effort to find suppliers that embody our principles and ensure that they are withheld. Safety of the workforce is always important in any scenario, which is why we demand our suppliers ensure that the workers are given a safe space to work in.