About Us

SbR is a Copenhagen-based fashion house and creator of ready-to-wear leather and velour jackets.

We have the ambition to challenge the way leather and velour is grasped by the masses. We aim to define an all-purpose clothing based on modern and minimal design for all-round and enthusiastic individuals. Our search for a refined, clean and minimal design has led us to transform the wardrobe.

Marlon Brando, James Dean, Amelia Earhart, Joan Jett, & Steve McQueen. No one defines a leather jacket better than these five. These men and women have made the leather jacket a quintessential addition to everyone’s wardrobe, and the symbol that it is today. A symbol that represents adventure, a hint of rebellion, and a show of strength and endurance.

Since those days, the possibilities have become endless. New cuts and lines have produced styles to suit the tastes of all individuals.

Always having had a flair for the fine and intricate details, added with our strong emphasis on eclectic use of materials and custom-developed fabrics, produces something absolutely stunning. The collections cover men’s and women’s ready-to-wear garments.

We put our heart and soul into making our leather what it is and this is why we aim to make it last a lifetime, and then some.